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East Indies CampaignEdit

Possibly the hardest of all factions playable in the East Indies Campaign, France, now renamed the French East Indies Company, is limited to Pondicherry & Karaikal.

In order to survive this environment, you will need to control 50% of the entire campaign map, and then collect 1,000 tribute. This however is not an easy task, due to three things: firstly, the inhospitable climate means that Colonial-Era population caps are 33% of what you can have, and will not reach 100% until the Imperial Era. Additionally, religious sanctuaries can't be built by the Dutch, French and English: you can recruit missionaries for 50 tribute to create basilicas to gather people to your cause, but this will damage relations with the locals, notably the Indians and the Persians. A costlier but friendlier method would be to acquire 100 tribute to purchase 4 Mercenaries cards to increase the size of your army at the start of a CtW scenario, but will not allow you to construct a basilica. Complicating things further is the fact that you are sandwiched between several warring powers: the English in Bengal, the Portuguese outpost of Konkan (their capital) and the Dutch in Ceylon, as well as the Indians who control all of the Indian subcontinent.

Some diplomacy is thus necessary. There are several factions which France can ally with of interest: the Ottomans, the Safavids and the Bamar. The Bamar are especially the best. A Franco-Bamar alliance can easily squeeze the English out of action, granting France unmolested and undisputed control of northeastern India, perhaps possibly reaching well across the Himalayas into China herself. The problem thus would be in getting the tribute to get such an alliance running, however the willingness to go to war against the enemies of Asian nations will usually guarantee an alliance is in the offing. Another area of interest for France would be Indochina. Given that the Vietnamese and Siamese are frequently at war with one another, it may be ideal to purchase Lan Xang or Cambodia once they are conquered, so that you can then deploy your second army there.

Starting territories and diplomatic stancesEdit

Starting diplomacy:

  • Alliance: India

Starting territory

Initial bonuses:

  • 4 Letter of Marque cards

Grand CampaignEdit

In the Grand Campaign, France is depicted as being allied with most European powers, being Austria, Russia, Prussia, Spain, and Vietnam, but has hardly any tribute, and will normally be found invading North Africa.

Starting territories and diplomacyEdit

Starting territory

Initial bonuses:

  • 1 x Letter of Marque, 1 x Food boom

Founding of America campaignEdit

In the Founding of America campaign, France is depicted as having assets in the northern Gulf Coast and in Southern Canada. These outposts, however, albeit not well-connected, and a determined campaign will see them destroyed fairly easily.

Starting territories and diplomatic stancesEdit

Starting diplomacy:

  • Alliances: Spain
  • War with: Britain

Starting territories:

Initial bonuses: 50 tribute, 2 Warpath, 2 Mercenaries


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