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France have the Power of Revolution.

National bonusesEdit

Starting government: Sovereignty

  • Artillery Tradition: +3 range and LOS on all artillery, siege, naval bombards
  • Final Argument of Kings: Receive 2 siege units for free whenever a New Siege Factory is built
  • Cultural Dominance: Assimilate cities 4 times faster
  • Naval Aspirations: Get more Happiness from building Dreadnoughts. All Heavy Ships create Happiness when created.
  • Europe's Breadbasket: Citizens ceated 33% cheaper
  • Gribeauval's Legacy: Military research is 33% cheaper, siege units upgrade for Free


  • Louis
  • Napoleon
  • Henri
  • Armand Jean du Plessis
  • Louis-Philippe
  • Jules Mazarin
  • Ferdinand Foch