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A more concerted effort by artillerists to produce a superior means of delivering support to troops culminates in the Flying Artillery, named so for its ability to keep up with the army. This unit is essentially like the Cannon, but sacrifices range for a greater area of spalsh damage and movement speed, making it ideal as an anti-infantry unit.

While this unit can be used with great proficiency against most targets, it is best used to facilitate a charge by your cavalry, by reducing enemy infantry to a more manageable size before carrying the charge. Think of them as being tanks, except that they need to deploy first before firing.

By all accounts, you should team up your Flying Cannon with heavy cavalry, as they are the best units to be used to escort them across the field. Should you see your enemy deploying these fast-moving units, you are best off deploying cavalry of your own, or to use conventional Cannon to finish them off.


By the 17th century, the biggest problem regarding artillery was that it was slow, difficult to prepare, and essentially very vulnerable to ambush. This was a problem that was recognised by most military leaders, and led to the development of so-called "flying artillery" units which were fast artillery units all travelling on horseback. Flying artillery units were specialised in providing fast support, by using less powerful but substantially lighter guns.

The first attempts to create these units took place duing the Thirty Years' War when Gustav Adolf wanted to find a way to create a faster means of delivering artillery support to his forces without being overly encumbered by the slow pace of cannon. The solution was to use lighter guns, dedicated to pummelling infantry, to be towed into battle. Lighter guns meant more mobility, which meant that the guns were fast enough to be used in cooperation with cavalry.

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