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The question of EmancipationEdit

"Of all Western nations, one nation alone still has yet to grant emancipation ot slaves - the United States of America. The question of emancipation has resulted in a massive public divide, with the north attempting to restrict the spread of slavery if not abolish it outright, and the more agrarian south fearing the encroachment of federally-sanction abolitionism into their lands. It seems that in spite of the government's best efforts, a clash is now inevitable."

  • Does not appear if you chose to "Abolish", the civil war readout appears instead.
  • The Civil War takes places right after you select the option to "Dither"....

The Perry Expedition!Edit

(Option A) "Despite the best attempts by Commodore Perry, the Shogunal authorities of Japan have refused to rescind the sakoku policy - and perhaps unwisely as such. Both Russia and the USA have now joined forces in an attempt to liberate the Japanese people for the greater good and progress of mankind!"

  • Japan declares war on USA, Russia

(Option B) "Awed by the might and power of the American navy, the Shogun of Japan has renounced its centuries-long policy of seclusion from the rest of the world. Now, foreign ideas and new technologies have begun to flood the nation...but at what cost to the common people of Japan?"

  • Japan gains 1 Wealth Boom, 1 Great Thinker and 1 Science Eureka
  • Russia and USA gain 2 Dissidents cards each
  • UK and France gain 1 Dissident card each
  • Japan's industrial level is reduced to 1.

Revolution in Russia!Edit

"An uprising in Russia has ended the monarchy once and for all. The people have risen up and forced the Czar to abdicate, establishing a republic in place of the Empire."

  • Russia undergoes a revolution

Bolsheviks rule Russia!Edit

"Following a brutal civil war that has swept acros a quarter of the earth's surface, a group of communists, the Bolsheviks, are now firmly in control of Russia. While they have sworn to uphold world peace, the same cannot be said of their supporters outside of Russia, who are trying to incite uprisings of their own to seize power in their home nations."

  • Russia undergoes a revolution
  • World War scenario is active
  • France is still alive

Vidalists seize power!Edit

"A group of Communists called the Vidalists have organised a revolution in Saint Petersburg, effectively leaving control of western Russia in their hands, and are poised to seize the rest of the nation now. The whereabouts of the Imperial household are unknown at this point in time."

  • France is defeated
  • Russia undergoes a revolution

Moving Vorwärts!Edit

A new political movement calling for a united front in the face of the challenge of Vidalism to Western civilisation has emerged in Scandinavia and Central Europe. Led by the charismatic former military officer-turned-politician Franz Heinrich von Salviat, the Vorwärts! movement is now steadily gaining traction as an opposing force meant to fight the evils of communism.

  • Germany is a republic
  • Vidalists control Russia

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