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The Empire of Spain have the Power of Colonialism.

Game InfoEdit

National bonusesEdit

Starting government: Sovereignty

  • Bourbon Reforms: Cities cost 75% cheaper
  • Expansionist Aspirations: May build one more city beyond the normal limit, bonus city begin with 1st civics upgrade
  • Strategic Concerns: Double population limit per military technology, up to 25% above maximum game limit
  • Light Infantry Tactics: Barracks units and citizens move 25% faster
  • Marine Traditions: Unit upgrades do not require military research, except cavalry which requires Level 2 Military Research


  • Carlos
  • Isabel
  • Felipe
  • José de Carvajal
  • Pedro de Valdivia
  • Miguel López de Legazpi
  • Zenón de Somodevilla


Madrid; Barcelona; Granada; Valladolid; Bilbao; Valencia; Cartagena; Pamplona; Veracruz; Cadiz; Girona; Gijon; Alicante; Caceres; Badajoz; A Corunha; Salamanca; Murcia; Asturias; Oviedo; Sevilla; Zaragoza; Malaga; Santiago; Merida; Darien; Sacramento; San Agustin; Los Angeles; San Francisco; San Jacinto; San Juan; Lima; Valdivia; Trujillo; Santa Fe; San Domingo; Nueva Castilla; Manila; Legazpi; Cebu

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