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Unique units???Edit

  • War canoes [until 3]
  • Heavy pikeman - only heavy infantry available.
  • Javelineer [1] => Tay Son regular infantry [2] => Annamite skirmishers [3]
  • Archers [1, consumed by Tay Son regular infantry]
  • Jungle Raiders - replaces pioneers and scouts. Units armed with swords and shields, capable of becoming invisible when not attacking, and capable of running through forests.

(Vietnam can only train Cavalry Guard)

(Vietnam gets the following: Heavy ships: Carrack [1] and Ship of the Line [2]; Fire ship)


  • [1] Khmer crossbow
  • [1] Privateer
  • [2] (none available)
  • [3] Hokkien rabble

Unique buildingsEdit

  • Mansion - trains elite units
  • Temple - performs taxation and religion research, and is the main stopping point for your auxiliary units.
  • Palace Complex (available from [1])

Note: Dai Viet has no access to MIC units or aircraft, and cannot construct National Bank. Dai Viet also cannot research MIC technologies. Dai Viet cannot research Physiocracy, Manifest Destiny, Great Exhibition or Engineering.

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