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Unique unitsEdit


  • [1] Merchant cavalrymen
  • [1] Muslim ghazis
  • [2] Bandit Cavalry
  • [3] Afghan light horse
  • [3] Hokkien rabble - upgradeable in [4] to regimental zouaves, with Democracy
  • [4] Turkestani Auxiliary
  • [5] Mongol Tribesmen
  • [5] Tankette

Unique buildingsEdit

  • Mansion - trains elite units
  • Temple - performs taxation and religion research, and is the main stopping point for your auxiliary units.
  • Palace Complex (available from [1])
    • Hosts 2 sets of exclusive technologies, unique to non-Western nations.
    • Produces a small trickle of wood.
    • Units created:
      • Tiger Men - extremely cheap but expendable and fast on foot, only good against cavalry.
      • Angry mob - a bunch of Chinese peasants, armed with melee weapons (spear, dadao, glaive). These units can be amassed in massive numbers and put the "human" in "human wave tactics"

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