Time of War was originally an envisioned 32-faction affair for Spring, but since then we've decided to cut back to produce Rise of the Moderns for TASpring instead.

The major divergences involved is that

  • instead of the original 32-faction affair, Time of War: Rise of the Moderns incorporates only the original 24 factions of the old RoN project, along with the following factions: Poland, the Lakota Nation and the Zulu, and
  • introduces a greater variety of units, notably mediaeval ones such as knights and archers, as well as tanks and warplanes.
  • Wonders also make a return appearance, and are also connected with Politics.
  • Ages are absent - players now have to start from the very bottom, and unit upgrade progression is now charted by specific thresholds. The architure of defensive structures changes only whenever an upgrade is researched.

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