Civic buildingsEdit

  • Cities
  • Senate - requires Level 2 Civics (Political Parties)
  • Taverns - boosts happiness, trains spies, and also has an important mechanic for some Asian factions. This covers the unique buildings such as salons, coffee houses, tea houses, and rest houses. Taverns are available only from [2]
  • Library
  • University - requires Level 1 Science (Natural Law)
  • Religious centre - creates mercenaries, conducts tax and religion research, and also boosts the armour and attack strength of cities to which it is attached. Requires Level 1 Civics (Divine Right)

Military production buildingsEdit

Military production buildings are buildings which produce your units. They are:

  • Dock - requires Level 1 Commerce (Canal Networks)
  • Barracks - trains lower-level units: low-level pikes, archers, harquebusiers, scouts and conscript cavalry. Requires Level 1 Military (Military quartermasters)
  • Academy - Trains elite infantry, as well as cavalry units. Also represented by the mansions, nobles' courts and national academies. All mansions, nobles' courts, staff quarters and national academies can only be constructed in large cities
  • Arsenal - manufactures a variety of artillery and support units: supply wagons, cannon, and rocketmen. In later ages, anti-aircraft units are available from here as well. Requires Level 1 Military (Military quartermasters) and Level 1 Logistics (Supply Network)
  • Fortress - requires Level 1 Military (Military quartermasters) and Level 1 Construction (Architecture)
  • Tavern - makes populace happy as long as you control merchants plopped down on luxury resources, and trains agents

National projectsEdit

National projects are powerful buildings which grant a variety of effects to the faction building it. All factions have the ability to build only one national project, at differing eras, and that building may only be built in your capital.

  • Vizieralty - requires Level 2 Taxation (Social Contract)
  • Presidium - requires Level 3 Civics (Federalism)
  • Palace Complex
  • Military-Industrial Complex - requires Level 6 Commerce (Assembly Line) and [5]
  • Monuments - requires Level 1 Construction (Architecture) and Level 1 Attrition (Patriotism) to be construted.

Defensive structuresEdit

Although forts are very powerful, they are often inadequate, and so you have a choice of three other defensive structures to build along with them.

  • Outposts
  • Towers - requires Level 1 Military (Military Quartermasters)
  • Martello Towers - requires Level 3 Military (Signalatory Corps) and Level 3 Construction (Civil Engineering)


  • Although the religious centre here is described as a military production building, it actually is a civic building. We include it here because of its role in recruiting auxiliaries.
  • Not all factions build academies. For Asian and Muslims, this building is replaced with the War Ministry; while for the pre-Colombian American factions, they build a nobles' court instead.
  • Bedouin do not build war ministries; instead their cavalry is recruited from the barracks.

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