In gameEdit

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Camel Corps — Vital statistics

Touareg egypte

Light ranged cavalry, best used for flanking and attacking melee infantry or support units.

  • Strong versus heavy infantry, especially melee units
  • Weak versus missile units and cavalry.
Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement

Imp [3]

120 11 19 2s
Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp Pop

Holz: 60;
Reichtum: 40

Holz: 1;
Reichtum: 1
1 Stable 3 0–10
  • Can fire while moving.
  • Bonus damage versus infantry.
  • Defensive bonus versus melee cavalry.
Mgrb Egy sm Ottom sm

Overall strategyEdit

The Middle Eastern answer to the Dragoon, Camel Corps are still formidable fighters when used to attack enemy units, particularly infantry, whilst dodging enemy melee cavalry such as Hussars or Cuirassiers. Just remember to not get them entangled with enemy Fusiliers or wander into the range of tougher units such as Carabinier cavalry and they will serve you well. They are slower in movement, yes, but they are substantially tougher, so using melee cavalry to knock them down is not always a good idea.

Should you be facing the Muslim factions, remember that their Camel Corps are highly proficient if pitted against infantry, especially units with lower weapon range than them so it is thus advised that you should counter these units using dedicated anti-cav units: use units such as Grenadier Guards to screen your units, while hounding the enemy's Camel Corps using your own missile units such as Carabinier or Dragoon cavalry. Ultimately however your best bet is not to merely harry an enemy using Camel Corps, but to eliminate the bases that they use for resupply. A swift and decisive blow against an opponent may be required instead of attempting to hunt down their Camel Corps squads piecemeal in order to win the game.

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