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Available military unitsEdit

  • Xebec [1 & 2] Weaker than the carrack, but has lower cost, better speed and higher rate of fire.
  • Swordsmen
  • Musket line (???) Bedouin rifles
  • Levy Archers [1 & 2] => Goumiers [3 to 5] Mountain men who are crack shots with rifles.
  • Camels [1] A unique conscript cavalry unit. Available from the start from your Drill Square.
  • Bedouin raiders [2 & 5] Powerful ranged cavalry. Only available from a Mansabdar.


  • [1] Tuareg archer — Ranged camel unit armed with snaplock guns. Quicker and cheaper than camel archers, but somewhat poor in stats.
  • [1] Ghazis
  • [2] Saharan jihadis.
  • [3] Circassian cavalry — Light unit, known for its ability to resist attrition.
  • [3] Eununch retainers
  • [4] Turcos — A powerful but expensive unit, Algerian Turcos are light cavalry that pack a punch.
  • [5] Chasseurs d'Afrique — A skirmisher unit.
  • [5] Tankette.

Unique buildingsEdit

  • Jami' - performs taxation and religion research, and is the main stopping point for your auxiliary units.
  • Vizieralty (requires Construction; available from [2])
    • a vizierialty has an effect on happiness
    • spawns 3 Ottoman bombards once completed
    • your people's happiness increases whenever you destroy enemy shipping and aircraft.
    • (with Liberalism researched) increases your food stockpile per second, independent of your commerce cap.

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