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The Bedouin tribes have the Power of The Desert.

National bonusesEdit

Starting government: Free

  • Instead of building Farms and Granaries, receive Food for each Citizen, Scout, and Calvary unit (except when garrisoned).
  • Farms and Granaries in Captured Enemy Cities Instantly Destroyed.
  • Have no National Territory, and can construct buildings in any territory not held by another nation.
  • Ranged Cavalry upgrades are free.


  • Moulay Ismail
  • Sayed bin Sultan
  • Mubarak al Sabah
  • Muhammad bin Saud
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • Qasim ibn Muhammad


Rabat; Fez; Kuwait; Aden; Salé; Muscat; Tunis; Algiers; Sidi Bou Said; Fezzan; Sharjah; Abu Dhabi; Dubai; Manamah; Tarabalus; Keirouane; Tajoura; Sana'a; Yamamah; Hadhramowt; Dibba; Khartoum; Djibouti; Dongola; Tetouan; Obock; Doha; Dar es Salaam; Ajman; Fujairah; Ras al-Khaimah; Umm al-Quwain; Zanzibar; Shibam; Hamriya; Mayotte; N'djamena; Sofala; Nouakchott; Quelimane; Lamu; Malindi; Mocha; Kalba; Mombasa; Tanga; Pangani; Bagamoyo; Pemba; Moundou; Moroni; Sagh

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